Olde Fashion Barber Shop - Olde Time Prices!

It has been some time since a shave and a haircut was just two bits but here at SouthGate Barber Shop you can still get Olde Time Prices along with Olde Fashioned Services.  We are here to serve you with quality services and a friendly smile. We specialize in Old Fashioned cuts like Tapers, Flat Tops and Razor Cuts and, of course, modern Styling.

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Olde Fashion Services

Tapers * Flat Tops * Fades * Razor Cuts   Styling

Hot Lather

We finish every cut with "Hot Lather"

What Customers Are Saying ...


You walk into the Olde Fashion Barber Shop and get what you'd hope to get in every barber shop, a nice greeting, a smile and that barber shop feel. I had never been there before, but I never felt as if I  wasn't a "regular".  The prices are very fair and the barbers are very friendly. The straight blade and hot foam was something I never experienced at other barber shops and it's a shame not many other places do this.


So glad that Sarasota now has a shop like this. What we have been waiting for. Won't go anywhere else. Very professional!


I can't tell you how long it has been since a barber razor cut my hair. What a difference it makes, and to end with hot lather.



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